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Bringing Light to Admin Night

Expert virtual administrative assistance

Let me handle the virtual administrative tasks for your business, so you can focus on revenue generation and growth. I offer virtual administrative support tailored to your unique needs.

Save Time

Reduce Stress

Work on Revenue Generation

Too much paperwork!

Tired of sifting through endless electronic paperwork, chasing unpaid invoices, and drowning in administrative tasks?

Keeping abreast of the administrative aspects of your business can feel like battling the multi-headed monster hydra from the legendary labours of Hercules. For every task completed, two more pop up to take its place!

If you are doing your own administrative work, you most likely worry about:

  • Overlooking spelling and grammar errors in correspondence, reports, presentations, and other texts (and I’m not referring to SMS texts!), despite using spelling and grammar tools.
  • Proper formatting of those same documents to ensure a professional presentation for your business.
  • Making those website changes to keep this vital aspect of your business presence fresh, timely, and running smoothly.
  • Getting those social media posts and newsletters out, updating your email list, client invoicing, and other tasks too numerous to list here.

It doesn’t have to be this way. How would your life be different if you did not have these concerns? I am here to shift those tasks from your desk to mine, freeing you to work on the things that only you can do to grow your business.

Solutions for your administrative challenges.

Turn your administrative challenges into opportunities.

Control administrative costs

You have support staff, but you have a project they just can’t undertake with their current workload, and there’s nowhere to put another person.

Bring in a freelance virtual assistant,
not new employees.


You need help, but you’re not certain you need full-time help, or the number of hours you need fluctuates.
And you work in limited space.

A freelance virtual assistant can work the number of hours you need. Remotely.

Less work, not more

Having employees means increased reporting responsibilities, and increased costs for employee benefits, office space, supplies, etc.

A freelance virtual assistant incurs no overhead expenses. You pay for hours worked. That’s it. Easy.

Years of Experience


Site updated promptly

“T’Lara refreshed the look of my website during her tenure as website maven, and updated it promptly whenever I provided new content. The website often required updates to sales pages as horses were put up for sale and sold, students and horses had new wins to celebrate from the horse shows they competed in, and new activities and events were hosted at the stable.

“If you need someone to stay on top of your website, talk to T’Lara!”

Karen Metz
Karen Metz

Owner & Operator
Country Haven Stables
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada

Self-directed, diligent…

“If you need someone to tackle a difficult problem that requires a deep-dive into an issue, you can do no better than T’Lara. The quality and precision of her work are impeccable. She is careful, self-directed, and diligent.”

Technological proficiency…

“T’Lara is an intelligent and diligent paralegal with excellent technological proficiency. She utilized her vast knowledge in supporting multiple lawyers and demonstrated her collaborative nature by regularly assisting colleagues with their technological, procedural, administrative, and organizational queries. T’Lara is quite soft-spoken compared to other members of our team but her knowledge, humor, collegiality, reliability, and work ethic speak volumes.

“T’Lara seemed to flourish in environments that allowed her to dedicate some focused time completing complex tasks but never seemed overly flustered in the face of incessant interruptions and multitudes of competing priorities. I would not hesitate to recommend T’Lara, as she more than demonstrated her capabilities.”

Getting Started

Three Simple Steps

Let’s bring light to your administrative night.


Schedule a Consultation

Begin by setting up a free consultation.


Plan Our Strategy

Once onboarded, we’ll map out a personalized plan to bring your admin overwhelm under control.


I’ll Handle the Details

Relax and turn your attention to growing your business.

My Commitment to You

I am dedicated to giving my best service.

Whether small or large, simple or complex, I give every task the time and attention required for optimum results.

Who I Am

TJF VA Services

Bringing Light to Admin Night

I am T’Lara Joy Freedom, Virtual Assistant, and I am
TJF VA Services.

My mission is simple: to bring light to your admin night through professional, top-notch attention to the administrative aspects of your operations, freeing you to focus on the growth and prosperity of your business. 

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