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Location, Location, Location!

Anywhere and Everywhere

It has been said that location is everything.
Whether that is true is a conversation for another time.
What is true is that as a virtual assistant, I can work with you, no matter where you and your business call home.


Although sharing my location is completely unnecessary for my virtual administrative services business, I think it’s kind of fun to show a snapshot of the community that is closest to me.

Airdrie is a small city of approximately 70,000 located so close to Calgary’s north end that it is practically a suburb.


Population of over 1.3 million. Located in the southwestern portion of the province of Alberta.
Largest city in Alberta.

The Calgary Tower has the highest 360-degree observation deck in the world. Roof height: 627 feet.

Third-largest city in

Calgary Stampede

Calgary is perhaps best known for its Calgary Stampede, a 10-day extravaganza held in July
that attracts more than one million visitors from all over the world.

The Stampede kicks off with the Stampede Parade. Approximately 400,000 people line the parade route, completely closing the city’s downtown.