About Me

Mine is a simple tale. I’ve spent most of my working life in administrative support roles, and I’ve learned a few things.
Things I’m willing to share with my clients for the betterment of their administrative lives.
I am T’Lara Joy Freedom,
and I am TJF VA Services.
Starry Sky
A Prophecy

Contemplating the Millenium

I recall one clear summer night in the distant past, when my very young self turned my eyes toward the stars and contemplated the impossible future, when the millenium would turn. I thought to myself, I’ll be so old! I won’t live THAT long.

A Reality

Here I Am

Well, here I am, 24 years past the millenium’s turn. I am still surprised that I did, in fact, live that long. And more than two decades longer. Oh, my stars!

Stars in the Night
Busy Office
The Space Between

In the Meantime

Between then and now, I did all the usual things.

Grade School

Straight “A”s. Check.

High School

I won’t lie. Mostly “A”s. Check.


Again, mostly “A”s. A two-year diploma in communications skills such as writing, editing, graphic design. Check.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road. I got traction through over 30—count ’em—30 years in various administrative support and management roles in top-tier law firms, accounting firms, and management consulting firms. Big firms, with bureaucracies commensurate with their size. Smaller firms, too, to round out the experience.

Throw in periods of time at advertising firms, and some freelance writing gigs, and I think that about covers it. Check.

A Time for Change

A Digital Age

I’ve been deep in the digital age since it began. It’s a benefit of my age.

I’ve decided it’s time to go all in, to take myself completely virtual in my work as an assistant, executive assistant, personal assistant, legal assistant, paralegal, law clerk, office manager—whatever the appellation.

Work Space

Dedicated office space. Check.


Laptop, multiple monitors, printer, cameras, etc. Check.


Too many to list! Check.

Stable, Fast Internet Connection

Absolutely. Check.


Razor sharp and ready to go. Check.

A Reason

A More Balanced Life

People ask why I do this virtual assistant work.

I could trot out all the usual responses.


I love to help people. Check.


I’m good (excellent, in fact, if I do say so myself) at what I do. Check.


It gives me great satisfaction to create, organize, coordinate, complete, all my clients’ tasks. Check.


I love working from home, and the hours of commuting I don’t do are much better utilized for my clients or for myself and my family. Check.

These answers are all completely true.

But my why is better shown, not told.

Meet my family—my why.
A Tale

That’s my story.
So far.

If you would like to join me in creating a story, I’d be delighted to explore ways in which TJF VA Services can bring light to your administrative night, and free you to grow your business!